The Ford City BIA recently launched a cohesive advertising (CALLING ALL) campaign to draw attention to our passionate and diverse businesses and to bring in new business to the area. Below is our press release and some materials you may see around town.

On behalf of the Ford City BIA, I would like to share some exciting neighbourhood news with you. Some are calling it a resurgence, others, a rebirth, we have even been dubbed the “comeback kings and queens.” Whatever they are calling us, the main takeaway is this: Ford City is changing, we are crushing old stereotypes, building an eclectic creative community and saying goodbye to boarded up buildings and quiet sidewalks. Different is now, and bold is the new basic!

Working closely in partnership with Imaginative Group we have developed a multi-faceted marketing initiative to promote the diversity and rich history of the area. The campaign’s goal is to attract unique entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses, looking to establish themselves within a community which offers “original” products and services. The BIA has worked tirelessly through strategic planning sessions led by Dr. Alfie Morgan, to create a vision which will see Ford City reinvent itself once again as a unique, one-of-a-kind business district. This effort is complimented by the support and collaboration of the Ford City Residents Association and Drouillard Place.

The campaign features “brand ambassadors” as the driving force behind the Ford City Original messaging.
In the preliminary stages of creative development, we continuously returned to the “originals” – those who took a chance and saw potential in and around the area ultimately deciding in the end to call Ford City home. Who better to advocate for this endeavour? Some of our featured Ambassadors include Michael Difazio from Michael Difazio Reclaim Artistry, Tom Scully & John Alvarez from The Grand Cantina and Ryan Stiller from The Heimat Banquet & Event Centre to name a few.

Furthermore, we are eager to welcome you out to the second instalment of Dropped on Drouillard, an all-day urban street culture festival, right here in Ford City! The event takes place on the 1000 block of Drouillard on Saturday, September 22, 2018 from 11 am – 11 pm. This family-friendly festival will feature live graffiti art, mural paintings, low-riders, street food and libations, local merchandise and 3 event stages with live music. Join us and see for yourself what Ford City is all about.

In closing, please find an information booklet included in this package, along with key contacts should you require more information on all things “Ford City.” We are very passionate and pleased to share this endeavour with you and hope to see you soon in Ford City!