One of the positives of our new resurgence in the neighbourhood is the reduction of dark corners. As new businesses move-in alleys, empty lots are being lit up with new exterior lighting. To take this concept to the next level Mike Difazio had a great idea to create custom signage for the side of his building at 1023 Drouillard Rd. Using the same reclaimed materials that he uses for is custom crafted furniture his plan was to make a 13′ x 10′ billboard for whichever customer wanted a unique advertising opportunity.

His first customer was Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island who took advantage of this opportunity and wanted to showcase a couple of the programs they have created. One was for W.E. Made It, a website that gathers and promotes all the great artisans, makers and crafters from Windsor Essex. The second was for Barrels, Bottles and Brews, a program that showcases the talented distillers and brewers in the region.

The end product couldn’t have turned out any better in our opinion. Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island hosted a launch party to unveil the new signage which saw many guests from local media, city councillors and even the Mayor said a few words about this wonderful partnership. If you’re in the neighbourhood swing by Mike’s retail location to see them in person (south side of building).

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